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Nick Fred4349533173
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One of the biggest trends in application development is the fact that wearable devices such as for example fitness trackers and distance trackers will see a big escalation in sales.
The major increase in sales and reputation of wearable tracking devices will mean a great deal of attempt being place in the development of less-expensive, more powerful and less visible sensors. These sensors will be able to determine factors such as for example your heart-rate, pulse, distance walked as well as the air-quality around you.

The sensors in wearable tracking devices are anticipated to become for this internet via the internet of factors or IoT. This link will require mobile aplplcications in order to gather, analyze store and further network the data. Expect lots of applications to come back out that work with wearable tracking devices for example your typical pedometer or heartbeat monitor.

App Streamming Is Another Trend In App Development Today

Downloading an application to your smartphone is very just like downloading a piece of software on your PC. Most desktops have lots of storage space, thus downloading even more software is practically never a challenge. Smartphones around the other hand, do not have the substantial datastorage capacity that computers do.
Every app you download occupies memory space within your smartphone. With limited memory space in a smartphone, there comes a point where in actuality the phone just cannot handle downloading anymore new apps due to insufficient memory.

The solution for this memory issue is a technology named app streaming. It works much like video streaming. Instead of downloading a massive movie file to your computer, you just stream the whole movie piece by portion online. With app streaming people can use any app they need so when several while they need without worrying about memory on the phone.
For example please click for source.
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