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Nick AlannahDod
Vorname Alannah
Nachname Fredericksen
Geschlecht weiblich
Geburtstag (Alter) 15.11.1962 (55)
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Adresse North Bay
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Land St. Lucia
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This mechanical device can pull heat from the earth, water or the air and pumps heat from a cooler to a warmer location. Heat pumps function like an air conditioner in the summer and an electric heater in the winter.
The POLICEMAN, or coefficient of performance, which calculates the ratio of heat output to electric power consumption, quantifies the performance of a heat pump. Heat pumps are the most resourceful sort of electric heating in moderate climates. A house is cooled by it by collecting the heat inside the house and pumping it outside.
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There are three kinds of heat pumps that one can install: air-to-air, water source and ground source. Heat pumps can use the same to warm or cool your house and can accumulate heat from air, water or earth.Air source heat pumps consist of a turning valve, a refrigerator coils, a compressor and two fans.

One fan is used to bring the outside air over the fridge coils, which transfers the heat inside where it's blown from the coils by another fan and distributed through the building. The purpose of the reversing valve is to reverse the flow of the refrigerant, so the system operates backwards.

Instead of pumping the heat inside the building, it releases the heat, like an air conditioner does. Subsequently the refrigerant absorbs the heat inside the pump and carries it outside where it is discharged. Subsequently the refrigerant cools down and flows back in to take more heat.
Ground source heat pumps operate exactly the same way as the air source ones, except that they then transfer the heat inside or vice versa when functioning in inverse manner, and absorb the heat from the earth, or from a body of water under the earth.When installing a heat pump at home, one should consider using an energy-efficient heat pump system, bearing in mind the climate of the area.
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For instance, air source heat pumps are a great alternative for moderate and light climate regions, and the ground source or geothermal heat pumps are efficient in climates with similar heating and cooling loads. The most common types of heat pumps are the air-source and ground-source heat pumps.
They're less noisy and more efficient, although ground source heat pumps are more costly to install. However, to make heat pumps work efficiently, they should be installed properly, and one should pick the right sized pump that can fulfill the heating system and cooling demands of the house.
While choosing a heat pump one should buy a device with a higher Heating Seasonal Performance Factor, or HSPF. Heat pumps are considerably more cost effective than other traditional heating devices and are also becoming more widely used to heat swimming pools and hot water for household use.
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